Real Entrepreneur Mums proudly donated $3000.

Our members donated $5000 in products and services, which were use on the night in auctions and mystery balloon purchases.

The event raised an incredible $65,000!

Why did Real Entrepreneur Mums choose Give and Take as their first major Giving Back Charity?

Real Entrepreneur Mums was originally founded in the Hills District in Sydney. This area has a very high domestic violence rate with 1 in 4 women impacted. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe in their home and are very proud to have partnered with this organisation.
Give and Take is a non-profit online charity that allows you to donate directly to those in need and linking the Community to help families in hardship. Assisting families in the North West Sydney area who are experiencing financial hardship or fleeing domestic violence are their main demand at the moment.

  • Funds raised at the event have enabled Give and Take to;
  • purchase important security devices for domestic violence victims
  • purchase a utility vehicle with signage for collecting and delivering donated goods
  • help families with costs involved in fleeing domestic violence (storage, truck hire, essentials, removalist, rent, bills, new school uniforms, etc.), and
  •  take large steps towards funding additional emergency accommodation

For more information on the great work Give and Take are doing or to get involved, please visit their Facebook page

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