We are Real Entrepreneur Women.

We are bold, strong, passionate but most importantly, women who SUPPORT women!

Business is just as much as a women’s spot, as it is for men. We all have the right to chase our dreams and smash our goals.

Real Entrepreneur Women is a community of women from all around Australia who have each other’s backs in business and in life! We support each other through the highs, the lows, the milestones and sometimes when it seems like there may be no future. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what kind of business you run or what your current situation may be. All we care about is supporting you in your journey!

So tell us, what makes YOU a Real Entrepreneur Woman?

Sophie M x

Vision & Values

  • Create Communities of raving fans for your business through fun, inspiring meetings focused on build strong relationships to help each other grow and succeed.

  • Build your network through genuine referrals.

  • Create an online space where Real Entrepreneur Mums can feel part of something, ask questions, get supportive advice and share wins.

Our mission

To build a global business that inspires women to go after their dreams and smash their goals.

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We are proud to have communities with some amazing business mums