If you’ve ever…

  • Felt like you had *everything* aligned in your coaching business, but aren’t seeing the financial results you were expecting
  • Burnt out trying to be the marketing, sales, admin, client success and operations departments AND have a life
  • Wanted expert support and guidance, but didn’t know who to trust…

Then you’re in the right place. Led by internationally renowned business marketing strategist and coach, Sophie Musumeci, we specialise in supporting coaches and consultants to build profitable, scalable online businesses. If you’ve been working towards creating a business that sets your soul alight and is truly yours, we can help.

Sophie’s Story

I’ve always been a determined person. Growing up on a farm may have had something to do with it, but the reality is, I’ve just always known I was destined for success – all I needed to do was figure out which path to choose… and follow it.

I started my career climbing the corporate ladder, but I had a nagging feeling  something was missing. By the time my beautiful children came along, I was still working crazy hours to ‘keep on track’ in my career, and missing precious moments with my littlest loves. 

So I decided to choose a different path.

It’d be very tidy if this was where the story ended, happily ever after… but we both know that’s not the reality of life striking out on your own. I was working all hours of the day, trying to be all things to all people, giving my unique skills and hard-earned knowledge away for very little, or even for free.

This amazing business that I’d risked everything to create was testing me to my limits! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered giving up at that point.

But before I did, I knew I needed to be absolutely sure I’d given this everything I had. So I took one last run at creating the business – and life – of my dreams.

I put absolutely everything into it. I found the right mentors, the best strategists and top trainers in the world and I absorbed every lesson they offered me. I discovered that life didn’t have to be so hard, and that with the right systems, support and strategy… I could have whatever life I choose.

These days, my mission is to take everything I’ve learned – all the mess and overwhelming noise – simplify it and create a pathway that is available to all, not just the lucky few. I want every woman to have the opportunity to create financial independence in their lives and have the freedom to do literally anything they want.

It’s time to back yourself. Remember the reasons you started. Your unique, amazing gifts that can help so many others, your family freedom, your sense of accomplishment… it’s all within you and it’s all coming to you. All you need is the system, the support and the strategy! 

And that’s where we come in…