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Wealthy Woman Mastermind Case Studies

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How Kym Power’s Life Has Transformed (4 Years On From The Wealthy Woman Mastermind)

“Four years ago, both my husband and I watched my over business shut over night. It was a daunting time, but I had been coaching on and off for a decade, always for free, because I loved it and I knew I was good at it. Then I saw an ad for Real Entrepreneur Women, and it felt like the right moment to finally turn my passion into a career. After signing up, I got my website up, went through the course, and started implementing was I learned – and it worked! My passion was moving more towards coaching because it brought all of my skills and tools into one, long-term and sustainable avenue that has since brought me so much joy, especially seeing the results my clients are getting. If there was a blessing through Covid, it’s realising that you can do business remotely – it’s a brilliant model of business. I always had a dream of being a global citizen. And now everyday I get to wake up so grateful currently living in Thailand.”

Experienced Mindset Coach Judy, Finally Hits $20k Month With The Support of Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“I had been in the coaching game for a long time (the past 9 years), but it was only the last 5-6 years did I start focusing on the online part. I had been part of other programs before but none of them felt right for me. I loved being in front of people, talking and operating as a coach in this space. But I had always struggled with the business side of it and I realised the coaching and business components are one in the same instead of two separate things. So, from the moment I joined the Real Entrepreneur Women Facebook Group and then the Wealthy Woman Mastermind, it’s just been non-stop support. And as soon as I decided to take the action, I realised everything was there; it was the step-by-step process that was really helpful and my Client Success Coach supporting me the entire time. The support really is the distinguishing feature of this program.”

How New Coach for Mums Sara, Found Her Confidence Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“I was stuck in a 25-year career as a sales rep, unfulfilled and disconnected from my passions. I saw an ad for Real Entrepreneur Women and connected with the wonderful Sandra. Despite just launching my business with no prior experience or clients, the support and clear guidance I received from the Mastermind was transformative. It helped me secure my first paying client, effectively market myself, and embrace soulful sales techniques that resonated deeply with me. The Mastermind taught me that I could manage my own marketing and truly thrivie in a busines that allows me to be my authentic self. For anyone who comes into the Mastermind, just give it 100% (regardless of how uncertain or unsure you feel), as what you gain is so invaluable.”

How Spiritual Coach Bri Transformed Her Business From Low Ticket To High Ticket With Ease

“I never thought I would be a coach, but the universe was throwing me people to coach and I was doing it for free. I joined the Wealthy Woman Mastermind with zero social media following; I had no idea how to grow a social media presence. I was really excited to join but I was so nervous – I knew I needed a following to launch after a failed attempt prior. And I am so glad I did, because since working my way through the Mastermind, my followers increased by 1,200% and my friends by 10,000%. Plus I’ve now had two people buy into my high-ticket program after many failed attempts with low-ticket items. This is just the beginning. I now have the skills and framework to keep scaling and growing.”

How Psychologist Kylie Diversified Her Business With Coaching To Bring In $27,000

“I have loved being part of this program. As someone who is currently working 7 days a week, wanting to make that transition to being online and suffering recurring migraines in the past, to have a close colleague tell me “You just seem happier” is so nice to hear. I’d reached a point in my life where I don’t love working in the systems and am unable to flourish, so I wanted to step into my own business in terms of supporting people. When I first started, I had no idea how to do anything online. I am so glad I joined Wealthy Woman Mastermind as to bring in $27,000 from my Facebook Group so far is amazing. The classes are so so valuable!”

Fitness Coach Kasse Turned Idea Into $10k In 3 Months Inside Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“Coming across Real Entrepreneur Women reignited my passion to get back into fitness coaching and now I am well on my path to helping women. Before joining Wealthy Woman Mastermind, I had no proper structure and I was giving a lot, yet not being financially rewarded for all of my time. To know I can now look at the value of my skill set rather than just an hourly rate is quite liberating and I feel more confident that I have a lot to offer and I can really help – I can’t go back to low ticket offers! To bring in $10k with very little experience selling high ticket offers is very exciting! Just remember, people are always watching – so feel the fear and do it anyway!”

How Merci Earned $10k in 9 Days Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“I came across a video of you Sophie online and just trusted the journey. Your team has been absolutely amazing; I can feel how excited the team are when I have wins, no matter how big or small and I know this comes from the top. I can feel the authenticity that comes and radiates from you, Sophie, and the team have all been amazing, so I cannot thank you enough. The Wealthy Woman Mastermind has allowed me to have the biggest mindset shift in owning my value and realising it’s not about me, but whether my clients want to invest in themselves. I had no idea how to do a lot of things when it came to social media when I first started and now I am doing it, with 2 clients already enrolled.”

Mindset Coach Myra Brings in 3 New Clients in 2 Weeks Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“Discovering the Wealthy Woman Mastermind felt like “home” – it changed everything for me. I left the corporate world thinking I wanted to coach women in leadership and as a result of working on my Dream Client Profile inside the Mastermind, I am now working with women who are truly aligned to me. I loved that I didn’t have to have an entire program ready before enrolling clients – I could jump in, do it and tweak it as I go. What you’ve created and what your coaches are able to implement were no-brainers for me when deciding to join; you’ve done the work for us so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

How Confidence Coach, Jacki Hit $11.5k In The First 4 Weeks Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“The Wealthy Woman Mastermind has been life changing for me. To do what I love and to make money from it is an incredible thing. Having a coach has changed absolutely everything for me and my family. I am in full alignment with my passion and what I love, and as a result I am able to take better care of me and my loved ones. If you’re on the fence about joining, please know, you already know and it’s usually your own limiting beliefs that are stopping you!”

Coach Jules, Brought Sophie Musumeci To Tears 

“I love that there are women in the Mastermind Program, both clients and coaches, who I am able to watch and embody their integrity and can see what’s possible. Sophie has created something that she deems authentic and it actually is this at the heart of her program and the beautiful community of like-minded women. To be able to make $11k in 1 week is a game-changer for me!”

Mum of 7 Natalie, Launches Coaching Biz Earning $14k in 1 Month

“I’m incredibly time poor but I am not letting that be an excuse. I’m like, no, this is worth pursuing. So I am outsourcing everything that I can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Play to your strengths and be true to yourself. It’s the way I get stuff done. I get goosebumps thinking about my future — I know I will have freedom, doing the hours I choose and having the income to make decisions that are great for my family.”

How Coach Anna Earned $6000 In Her First 2 Weeks Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“Being inside the program has seen me grow not only from a business perspective, but more importantly on a personal level where I was able to work through the assumptions and rules I had created for myself when it came to social media and my friends and family. For anyone thinking about joining, my advice to them is feel the fear and do it anyway, as this is where the growth and life lessons come from.”

How Empowerment Coach Michelle 3X Her Monthly Revenue In 3 Weeks In The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“Realising I had made $9,000 in 3 weeks was mind-blowing! Especially considering before joining the program, my biggest month would only be at 3 figures. I didn’t initially have the full money for the program, but I trusted the process, put my head down and did the work.”

Health and Fitness Coach Goes from Rock Bottom to $15k in 2 Weeks!

“I had been in the fitness industry for so long, but I didn’t know how to take my business to that next level; how to launch it in the online space. When I came across the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program, it just made sense – it was really exciting and I could see how it could work. I just knew I had to take the risk, do it and trust the process.”

Women’s Career Coach Goes From An Idea to a Business in 3 Months with Her $5K Offer and Paying Clients!

“Joining the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program was a no-brainer. 3 months ago I had an idea. I now have a business, a program and clients. I can’t even put into words the impact I am having on my clients. It feels like everything is aligned, it’s my purpose and fills me with love and joy.”

How Jacqui, a Healing & Empowerment Coach, Earned $12k in 4 Weeks Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“Finding the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program felt like home and made me realise I was always worth this. I had been coaching for 2-3 years prior but had never been able to package up what I do or find my niche.”

How Resilience Leadership Coach Mellissa, Earned $18k in 7 Days Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“I had been in other coaching programs and felt like I was being drip-fed information every week. This didn’t work for me as a big-picture thinker. I connected to the rawness and authenticity of Sophie’s program, and was more than happy to invest in someone who was further along in the journey than me.”

Mum of 2 Goes from $45/Hour Tutoring to $5k Offer and First Client in 3 Months

“Women are always busy… if it matters to you, create the time to spend on your passion. The Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program changed my life – you cry on the way in and you cry on the way out, and you cry throughout. The mindset training that is provided to us is so critical. Without that, I don’t think you will necessarily make it through to the end.”

How Maria an Endurance Coach for Athletes Earned $17k in 6 Weeks Inside The Wealthy Woman Mastermind

“The biggest plus for me is the community of women all trying to grow and learn and be better. I feel a really strong connection with so many of the ladies. It’s reassuring to not feel alone. This program also stands out from the rest with its structured module approach and the mindset training and courses.”

Minimalist Coach for Mums Makes $10k in 4 Days

“I showed up like a wealthy woman and acted that way. Being able to build my 8-week program for overwhelmed mums in two months of being in the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program was life changing. I wasn’t ready when I joined the Program but I knew something needed to change. So I dived in, head first and it took off.”

Financial Coach Marci Backed Herself To Create Generational Impact with 9 New Clients

“The whole attraction for me joining the Wealthy Woman Mastermind was helping me narrow down my niche and find that perfect client. I am a very firm believer of things coming into my circle when I need them and this is what this Program has done for me. I felt seen and was able to connect with other amazing women.”

Viral Queen Books 20+ Calls In 2 Weeks!

“Never thought I would be here so quickly in the game! I had been coaching in different spaces for 9 years, but all in an office setting. A lot of my clients were all online, so I knew I had to make the transition but I didn’t know how to take the success of my business in person and continue that online. That’s where the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program came in. What I love most about the program is that it takes you outside of your comfort zone – it gives you a mirror to see what you’re uncomfortable with so you can push past that to succeed.”

Burnout Coach Tara Lands Her First Client in 8 Weeks

“Imperfect action is better than no action – this is the essence of the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program. This program has been transformational in me seeing results in such a short time (after working on my coaching business for 6 months prior with no real progress). If you’re passionate about coaching and are willing to do the work, Sophie and her program can get you there. Not to mention the community of beautiful women who become your biggest advocates so you know you’re never alone is incredible.”

Life Coach Tabitha Finds Work Freedom with Her $6.7k Offer

“If you show up in life truly as who you are there is a huge opportunity that is just waiting for you! This is exactly how I approached the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program. I had prior business experience but lacked the skills to convert clients from a marketing point of view and utilising social media. I wanted the freedom to work where I want to and this program has allowed me to do that. I surprised myself showing up to the Mastermind the way I did, because it felt so aligned.”

Successful Dentist Vicky Opens Up New Possibilities with $11k Offer

“Coaching in dentistry is not common, but I knew I wanted a better lifestyle for me and my family; to work anywhere anytime. I didn’t have the knowledge of what to offer people, I knew I didn’t want to be doing private coaching, I had no idea about all of the marketing and I was very isolated as a professional. But this is exactly what the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Program provided me with. I am now getting clients, I am doing the work and I am surrounded by a network of beautiful women. If you are ready, you’ll make time to open up to new possibilities. This is such a great program that you can adapt to any professional – you just need to dream, do and know you have the support there from Sophie and her team.”

How Client Jennifer Turned Her Email List Of 34, Into 10k in 24Hrs

Brand New Health Coach Susan Enrols 2 Clients In 2 Days

Health Coach Lynsey Makes 35K in 30 days

“In the last four weeks, I’ve brought in over $35,000 mostly from my Facebook group, debunking my myth that Facebook groups only work for business coaches and that you need a large following to reach big numbers. I’ve always run bricks-and-mortar businesses, but moving a lot for my partner’s work pushed me to take my business online. I was nervous about putting myself out there, but I’ve learned since being in the Wealthy Woman Mastermind that belief and consistency are key. I started small, built my confidence, and now I’ve had my biggest month with a $35,000 revenue.”

How Robyn mum of 4 went all in and had a $29k month!

Mum Of 5 Makes $80k In 30 Days Without Ads!

“Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change them quickly. You need someone to help you to tweek the things that you can’t see.”

From Self-Doubt to Success: How Mum of 2 Lands Her First $3k Client

“I wasn’t backing myself, and self-doubt was holding me back, despite my burning desire for this program and support for working mums. There’s never a ‘right time’, but the desire to make it happen only grew stronger. I realised I needed to have those crucial conversations with myself and take action.”

$12k In Just 2 Weeks

“After struggling to sell low ticket offers, in just 2 weeks Dee confidently made the transition to high ticket offers with ease and grace.”

Finance Coach $10k in just 6 Weeks

“You need someone to help you to tweek the things that you can’t see.”

Unfufilled Corporate Mum Quits Job To Follow Her Dreams Making $8000 In First 60 Days

“I am really f***ing amazing at healing people, but I had no idea how to build or run a business from scratch! My life now is so different! I thought you had to have blonde hair and love leapord print to be successful and that’s not me. How wrong was I!”

Someone’s going hold my hand for real? I’m not sure you realise how frustrated I am

“I’ve been through 3 other programs. This is a very full program, there is nothing that’s not being addressed. From the sales, marketing, copywriting and mindset.”

“I’m only halfway through the Wealthy Woman Mastermind Modules, I am just so excited & so laser focus to finish all of them because I know what value this program is & truly how transformational it is.”

Career Coach Eiling Makes $250k in 5 Months Working 4 Hour Days!

$250,000 in 5 Months! Eiling completely transformed her life from long exhausting 15hr days in corporate with no time for a love life to doubling her income working 4hr days max as a Career Coach and best of all has time for love and finished her pilot licence! The sky is literally her limit!

Maz went all in as a Healer, quit her mulit 6-figure job. She followed the process and trusted herself to $6500 in just 3 weeks, then on to fully booked out her private clients and sold out 3 events!

Robyn attracted $15,000 in 30 days living her calling to help Christian Mothers elevate their thought patterns to live in complete abundance

Leanne ended her 3 month no client dry spell and negative self talk to bring in $21k in just 90 days helping women rewire their brains to stop emotional binge eating.

Teagan realised her worth and stopped undercharging for her years of knowledge and passion to consistently earn $5,000 a month transforming her families life in the process

How Izelle a workaholic Scientist, Mum of 3 took an idea into a successful international coaching business earning $10k in just 2 months during lockdown!

“With in 2 weeks I had my first high-end client and then my 2nd & 3rd. It has been a life changing time, it’s all high value, incredible content. What I’ve learnt continues to amaze me. I will be forever grateful to Sophie and her team. I could just plug and play what they had.”

“Last year I earned a $10k total… Within 2 months with Sophie I had achieved my first $5k month! What I love about Sophie’s program is that she takes you and holds your hand, step-by-step. In 2 weeks we came up with a new offering with really awesome and cool marketing message! You learn how to sell with heart. How can you not believe in yourself when someone like Sophie believes in you?”

Coach For Mums Walks Her Talk With Baby In Toe

How Lorella went from employee to entrepreneur during Covid

“After being in learning and development for over 20 years, I found myself unemployed due to Covid. I decided to live my dream of becoming a woman’s midlife coach, but had no idea about business, I didn’t even have a Facebook profile. I realised I needed to partner with someone to make this dream happen. Sophie speaks my language and holds your hand. I’ve never looked back. My growth has been amazing. The group is amazing, filled with inspirational women. Success is enevitable, as she says.”

How Elena 10X her call show up rates and 3X her close rates for massive growth

“I went from hustling to get clients to having clients reaching out to me! I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and try different approaches, I could just trust that all the tools and techniques where already tried and tested and actually works!”

Barbara’s friends are amazing but they don’t get business. Learning from experts has allowed her to shift her focus to think bigger and serve at a greater level as she now trusts her own mentoring and coaching ability.

How overworked and undercharging Chris, brought in an extra $70k in 2 months working half the hours
“I started believe in myself, valuing what I do and started charging my worth. I had to do this for me and to get the support of others deeply behind me. Do whatever you need to find the investment, I wish I did this 15 years ago. Sophie completely transformed my business mindset.”

“$10k In 30 Days – Lisa”

“I was shit scared that I wasn’t up to the task, but after a chat with Sophie I was in. Those 5 weeks have been absolutely life changing. It’s not just Sophie, you get a whole team behind you.”

Despite the fact I had ample of marketing experience

“When it came to my own business, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. With Sophie’s support I’ve transfered what was in essence a hobby into a money making, income generating business. Sophie’s Mastermind is second to none!”

How Lizze took her writing passion into a $15k monthly business & changed her life

“I joined Sophie’s mastermind not really knowing where I was going with my business or what to do next. I went in a mum with a hobby business and come out a fully fledged business owner and am going from strenght to strenght.”

Confidence, support and direction to finally take the leap from employee to entrepreneur

“Sophie is truly a special leader! She knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way at every step.
Sophie gave me the confidence, support and direction to finally take the leap from employee to entrepreneur, which is what I’ve always wanted but didn’t know how or where to start.
I now have a strategy, action plan and a fierce tribe of brilliant women to help turn my dreams into a sustainable business and fulfilled future.”

“Joining her mastermind was the best decision I’ve made”

“it’s a game changer! I’m attracting dream clients that I knew were out there, I just didn’t know how to reach them. Her sales strategy is so genuine and it works, again and again. I’m making money and I know that this is a business that will set myself and my family up for the future. It’s no longer a hobby, it’s real!

Working with Sophie has been the best decision I have ever made

“Working with Sophie has been the best decision I have ever made. I didn’t know how to take my business from hobby, to a serious business! I’m very creative, but know little about marketing.
I was scared to start, as I didn’t have enough money coming in, but in the first month I had made enough money to pay it off in full!
She gave me the confidence and encouraged me to put my prices up higher than I ever would of allowed myself to do.

“I didn’t realise how much I needed it, until I started.”

“I’m a great coach, but running a business… not so much. I really needed someone to guide me and this is exactly what her program does. It helps you step by step, by step with so many opportunities to work directly with Sophie so you can drill down on exactly what to say and how to say it, down to the word.”

I am glad I made the decision to work with you

Sophie honestly I am glad I made the decision to work with you!!! Today’s call was awesome, and I’m just learning so much from you every day. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!

“Committing to the Wealthy Woman Mastermind is the best decision I’ve made for my business”

Sophie and her team have held my hand through the whole process, making me feel completely supported. I’ve gone from a feeling of confusion, frustration and utterly lost to having clarity. What I’ve learnt in the last 90 days would have taken me years trying to figure out by myself. Even the benefits from the mindset sessions have flowed into my personal life providing significant change for the better. I highly recommend this mastermind for anyone who is ready for significant change and wants a great supportive tribe.”


“People are noticing! They tell me “WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING TONI, KEEP DOING IT!” It’s invigorated myself so much so that we’ve had our biggest month in July, which is awesome! Sophie is a genius and I can not recommend her enough. I feel so amazing about where my business is going at the moment.

Sophie personally ensures that you see your opportunities and step through the door of success.

“I have been a part of several high end programs over the years, yet the Wealthy Woman Mastermind is a stand out for me, because it gets results from the very first module. It is also an environment that holds no judgment and is so motivating. Sophie personally ensures that you see your opportunities and step through the door of success. Wealthy Woman Mastermind puts the money where your mind is. This programs creates a mindset of valuing yourself as the authentic, brave, brilliant woman you are, with the strategy and action plan to get you to the top”