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Ali Sugars

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I’m an Empowerment & Success Coach & podcast host, of The Purple Warriors Podcast. I help women who have survived abusive relationships to rediscover their confidence, strength and empowered voice.
Having survived 3 separate relationships of domestic abuse spanning 30 years, resulting in mental illnesses & severe suicidal tendencies, it’s been a long journey to be able to be here to talk about it today. From the age of 16 having there’s been a sexual, emotional, verbal, social & financial abuse. It’s taken a long time to find this new & improved identity as a woman & single mother after these experiences, but I’ve fought damn hard and studied many techniques to get through it all with a strength, power & dignity I never knew I possessed. There was something there that just knew to never give up.

Along this journey, I’ve constantly asked myself, “Why has this all happened to me?” Answer – because my mission is to use these experiences and everything that’s been learnt along this survival journey, to help fellow abuse survivors rediscover their empowered voice to become unapologetically confident, powerhouse women – because that is who we are all meant to be!

It is my absolute passion to help fellow female abuse survivors to feel this amazing and free to speak their truth. I want us all to say…. “We are no longer victims, we are survivors! We are warriors!”

“Why the community is important for women to be part of.”

I would encourage all business women to become a part of REW: a true networking group of like-minded business women who live their passions on a daily basis and lift each other up.

The level of support and trainings provided by Sophie & leaders of all the groups, whether it be online or in person, makes it, in my humble opinion, the best networking group to be a part of.
It is truly a place where business is not a competition – it is a support network to help each and every one of us succeed.