Julia Cartwright

Community: Sapphire Online
Business: Brand Style Designer and Coach
Mobile: 0425 334 725 | Email: Julia@Juliacartwright.com | www.juliacartwright.com | Facebook | Instagram

Married to Ross, and have a son Luke 22yrs who is in Tennessee U.S.A studying, Bachelor of Science and Commerce, Live in Fairlight, near the beach

I support Bold hearted coaches, consultants, health and wellness business owners to elevate their influence with a standout brand that communicates their brands essence with more meaning, soul and style, so they can create impact, consistency, flow at every level and be profitable.

My Why: My love of connecting, inspiring and supporting others to build a deeper connection with who they are and how they want to show up in their life and business with more meaning, soul and style.

How: Helping you see what you cannot see using a holistic hearted centered approach that focuses on the 3 pillars Strategy, Mindset, Style and Design.

“Why the community is important for women to be part of.”

As a member of the on-line Real entrepreneur Women’s group, I have loved seeing the collaborations and friendships that have developed. The meetings have evolved into being a supportive women’s masterminding group. I find I now always turn to the members when I need a particular service or product.