“Running your own business may be the most exciting work you’ll ever do.  It may also be incredibly challenging, and at times completely terrifying.  It can also be pretty lonely. Real Entrepreneur Mums is your best ever back up crew: a group of talented, engaged, driven and diverse professionals, committed to providing you with great support and expertise. I wouldn’t want to run a business without them!”

Rachel GoldingOwner, Dinner On The Table

“This is what I call a power group of local business woman who truly understand their purpose and commitment! The talent in this group is amazing and we are extremely fortunate to be part of it.”

Lielette CallejaDirector, All That Counts

“This group of ladies keep me focussed and working on my business, not just in it. They are all so inspiring and truly support each other. We are all in this together and everyone just gets what it means to be a mum in business.”

Helen CogginsMortgage Broker, Australian Financial Innovations

“Being a part of Real Entrepreneur Mums is such a privilege. It’s simply fabulous having a network of women cheering my business on, helping & wanting it to grow and succeed.”

Julie-Anne TownsendPersonal Stylist, Style Remedy

“Surrounding yourself with great people invites success. In REM I found a tribe of confident, empowered, principled and smart women who are serious about helping each other be successful.”

Fallon CryerFounder, Fox & Kit

”Real Entrepreneur Mums allows us to work with like-minded business women who understand the importance of financial independence. Having an active referral relationship and an understanding of each other’s business, allows us to make the best referrals for our clients. As we all know, the best business comes from something you have experienced and trust.”

Olivia WilsonPartner, Steps Financial

“As a mum growing a business, you need a supportive network.  You need to be surrounded by confident, caring, genuine women advocating for you, this is why I chose Real Entrepreneur Mums!”

Susan BirdAccount Manager, Hills District Independent Magazine

“As a member of this strong bunch of focused and exciting women, I draw strength and confidence in myself and my ability to continue to grow as a women, business owner and mentor.  I have found the best way to ‘do business’ is through relationships.  Connecting with likeminded women and encouraging each other, getting to know one another and our businesses is the best way to work together, refer one another and help each other to continue to grow and learn.  Real Entrepreneur Mums is a great community of these women.”

Joann RegoOwner, Jo's Signs By Design