Sophie Musumeci


Dynamic, Passionate, Infectious Energy, Loving the Journey

An expert in Change Management, Training and Leadership, Sophie has designed and led some of the largest and most successful organisational changes programs across multiple top 100 Australian Companies.

Like most people after having children, Sophie tried to fit a corporate career around her family which just didn’t work. She was missing out on important milestones like Toby taking his first steps and when she realised that Toby was picking up his Polish Nanny’s mannerisms, she knew she had to find another way.


Alison Valenti


Passion, Enthusiasm and Determined in work and play.

Taking her experience from many years in the corporate jungle, Alison started a small business from home, so she could create that life work balance around her young family.

Alison has over 10 years’ experience mentoring and training professionals who are wanting to exceed in both personal and business.

Alison quickly saw the need for mums in business to be given guidance and as the founder and owners of Mums Business Kickstart, the freshest place for mums to learn and develop their skills to start, grow and scale their business.


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