Backing women to rise and become wealthy
Are you ready?

Backing women to rise and become wealthy
Are you ready?

Why work with Sophie Musumeci?

Because you deserve the best...

The numbers don’t lie. 

Since kicking off my private coaching programme just 3 years ago…

  • I’ve cleared $1 million+ in revenue in 12 months
  • I’ve mentored 1000’s of women to harness their unique gifts and create their own successful businesses
  • I’ve expanded my team from a team of one (me) to a team of thirteen (and growing)
  • I’ve refined my process down to THE POWER OF ONE – one offer, one audience, one platform (and it works, on repeat)
  • I top out my working week at 25 hours MAX, and finally get to be present for my gorgeous kids in a way I could only dream about in my corporate life.

My entire life’s purpose is to help female coaches and consultants to free themselves from a life of ‘shoulds’ and live out their soul’s divine purpose with ease and grace.

Here’s what I know:

I know that a woman on the RISE doesn’t get there alone. She has a sisterhood. She has mentors. She has support in ways she never would have thought of before she started taking herself seriously.

I know that hustle culture is dying (finally). And that we’re waking up to the possibility that our life’s purpose is NOT to sit behind a desk in an office making a profit for others, but to harness our gifts and make a profit for OURSELVES.

I know that it’s completely possible to generate a full time income without missing a minute of the good stuff with the people that matter most.

I know that making an impact matters, and that we are shaping a better world with every new coach or consultant’s vision we help to bring to life and then scale.


I know that I’ve made a huge impact with 1000’s of gorgeous women under my mentoring belt, but I’m only just getting started…

It’s your time to shine, gorgeous woman. Here’s how:

In case you were wondering…

2023 Silver: Roar Awards Hustle & Heart

2021 WINNER: Roar Awards Business of the Year

2021 Bronze: Roar Awards Best B2B Business

2020 Nominee: NSW Business Woman of the Year

2018 Inside Small Business ‘Top 50 Business Leader’


$230,000 in 5 Months! Eiling completely transformed her life from long exhausting 15hr days in corporate with no time for a love life to doubling her income working 4hr days max as a Career Coach and best of all has time for love and finished her pilot licence! The sky is literally her limit!


Maz went all in as a Healer, quit her mulit 6-figure job. She followed the process and trusted herself to $6500 in just 3 weeks, then on to fully booked out her private clients and sold out 3 events!


Robyn attracted $15,000 in 30 days living her calling to help Christian Mothers elevate their thought patterns to live in complete abundance/strong>

Leanne ended her 3 month no client dry spell and negative self talk to bring in $21k in just 90 days helping women rewire their brains to stop emotional binge eating.