Backing women to rise and become wealthy
Are you ready?

Backing women to rise and become wealthy
Are you ready?

Hello Gorgeous Woman,

Let me quickly introduce myself and why you should listen to me. 

The thing is… I’m doing it. I’m using the exact strategies that I teach to my Members and Clients. 

These strategies took me from 0 leads to 150 clients I adore and then to $24k in 3 weeks.

I specialise in helping my clients to create irresistible offers that sell to their dream clients again and again.


So who am I?

I’m a leading multiple 6 FIGURE strategist and transformational coach who stands for backing women to rise and become wealthy on all levels, collaboration over competition and building your empire with the right strategy and support.

I have 15+ years experience in hospitality, fashion, retail, network marketing and top 100 corporate companies. 

I live what I preach… I’m not some here today gone tomorrow fluff coach… I’ve been consistently showing up, owning my voice and backing women to rise in business and life for longer than I can remember.


Just last week I was nominated for the 2020 NSW Business Woman of the Year, and in 2018 I was named Inside Small Business Top 50 Business Leader and magazine cover girl, and an Optus My Business Finalist. 

In 2019 I was a keynote speaker and panelist for International Women’s Day and have been mentioned in Australian National Parliament several times about my work with entrepreneur women.


Like I said, I’m all in with this!


But how did it all start?

And why would I leave a comfy multiple 6 figure corporate income and start my own business?


THE MOMENT EVERYTHING CHANGED: How my entrepreneur path began!

Well… these delicious things happened….

Like most people after having children, I tried to fit a full-time career around my family which just didn’t work. I was missing out on all the important things like Toby taking his first steps, and he was picking up more of his Polish Nanny’s mannerisms than mine or Daniel’s. Having a stay at home mum myself, I’d totally missed the importance of having a mum around.


I knew I had to find another way as I was pregnant with Stella and knew I wanted to be more involved than a kiss goodnight each day.


But I was scared… really scared.


My ‘itty bitty sh!tty committee’ (inner critic) was going off! Constantly doubting myself, was I good enough… could I really do this?


But I knew I had to be all in. I had to back myself, invest in myself and just go for it. 


So I started consulting so I could work less days and started my first business in Network Marketing, where I invested in learning everything I could about growing a business and working on my own terms. 


I also learnt all about mindset and the power of saying Yes. 


After meeting a fabulous lady at a networking event we realised there was a massive gap in the market for a real genuine, have your back support group that would really back women as they went after their dreams and smashed their goals.


In 2016 we launched what was then called Real Entrepreneur Mums and opened Community groups all across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.


The feedback was phenomenal… it was really working…


However… what I noticed was that even with incredible support, confidence going through the roof and referrals from other members… if they didn’t have the right business strategy down, that could bring in the money today and set them up for scale, many were closing down their business and going back to get a job.


Ahhhh…. It broke my heart every time.


I knew I needed to do something. 


So I backed myself and invested again, like never before so I could figure out the missing gap and help these talented women to rise and become wealthy on all levels.


I listened to my members.


They told me they wanted to learn;

  • how to grow their business and scale. 
  • how to earn 6 figures without all the hustle and grind.
  • how to get off the entrepreneur roller coaster.


In the beginning of 2019 I rebranded the company to Real Entrepreneur Women and introduced the Wealthy Woman Mastermind, 90 days from hustle and grind to clients lining up to pay you the big bucks on repeat.


The feedback has been overwhelming. 


The key to our success is that I built my business by surrounding myself with women that would lift me up, who I could learn from, that already had the results I also wanted and challenge me to be the best me I could be. 

I never work alone.


If so, then I invite you to book a chat with me so we can have a real heart to heart.

It’s time to RISE from the darkness together as I hold space for you and clearly map out the next critical steps for your business to fly.

There’s an art to getting your business rocking and making money! It’s not as hard as you think. 

The cost? Absolutely FREE.

Who is this for…

This is only for you if you’re ready to ascend and become wealthy on all levels by owning your power and doing the work that’s needed to rise to the next level of your business and your life.


All in, with wet hair and mascara running down your face.


If that’s you, then book a session now!


So, Why am I doing this?

I’m DONE seeing talented women working their butts off, who still aren’t seeing the money. When women rise, they raise others with them, and now is your time.


Plus, I know that you might want my help to transform your business. If so, we can chat about it and see if it’s a good fit for us both. If not, that’s ok too.


Either way doing the call you’ll get more clarity and more insight than you’ve had in your business in a really long time.




“Working with Sophie has given me amazing confidence so now I can take basically ANY potential client, nurture them and take them through to close!”



“I have been a part of several high end programs and Sophie’s is a stand out because you get results from the very first module.  Sophie personally ensures that you see your opportunities and step through the door of success.”



“I’ve gone from feeling confused, frustrated and utterly lost to having clarity!   What I’ve learnt in the last 90 days would have taken me years trying to figure out by myself. Sophie has changed my life.”